DataCon.TW 2017 年會籌備系列報導 #4

大會報告,上午 Keynote 目前已收齊三個講題,列表如下:

– Apache Kylin 2.0 – From Classic OLAP to Realtime Data Warehouse
– Data Science in the Enterprise
– The Rise of Open Source Data Platforms: An Insider’s view.

其次,感謝社群同好的熱烈支持,目前下午技術軌已募滿 16 則投稿,正在評估新借一個場地來加開一軌。截止投稿囉~目前投稿講題列表如下:

– Building Deep Learning Pipelines on Apache Spark for ads optimization
– 打造大規模高可用的數據服務平台
– Real-time analytics with Flink and Druid
– Streaming process with Kafka Connect & Kafka Stream
– TenMax 網路廣告的架構以及經驗分享
– Apache PredictionIO 架構及整合
– Making Elephants Fly: Hadoop on Cloud
– The Stream Processor as a Database: Building Event-Driven Applications with Apache Flink
– 透過 Mahout 實作 Canopy 輔助 K-means 進行銀行客戶群聚分析
– 如何透過 MMLSPARK 加速開發 Spark 上的機器學習專案
– Data Lake: centralize in on-prem vs. decentralize on cloud
– Data format transform for local cluster to AWS S3 and EMR
– Metadata Store: A threat entity base on cloud for intelligences sharing
– 使用 SMACK 開發小型 Hybrid Database 系統時踩過的坑
– Troubleshooting Apache Hadoop Operations in Production Systems
– Leverage on open source to build up a data product

近期將開放 KKTIX 早鳥票~敬請期待~